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Alliance for Agri Innovation is a leading agri-tech industry body working towards accelerating agriculture growth by promoting new and emerging technologies for the benefit of farmers and consumers. The association is created by like-minded agricultural organizations driven by research and innovation, committed to investment in India and respect for intellectual property rights. The focus of the association is to create awareness amongst farmers and stakeholders regarding the advances in agri-technology, seeds, plant-breeding innovations around the world and the benefits it could provide to the farmers of a developing country like India. The objective of AAI is to encourage investment in research in agricultural technologies, to protect the IP rights of these innovations and bring farmers close to biotech crops, thus, leading to a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.


With the growing population, which is estimated to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050, it is evaluated that farmers will need to increase 70% more food for the world. To feed this growing population, we will need a continuously changing environment and new agri technologies. Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy. Over 50 per cent of the rural households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood and contribute to almost 18 percent to the country’s GDP. India is the world’s largest producer of several crops including pulses, rice and wheat. The recent outlook estimates a 2.1 per cent growth in agriculture sector mainly due to increased investments in agricultural infrastructure. However, it is obvious that significant amount of work is required to lift the current growth in agriculture comparable to other sectors in India. To achieve that, we must adopt the recent advances in agricultural technologies around the world in a way that it is suitable for Indian agriculture. The adoption of agricultural biotechnology around the world and more recently especially by developing countries to suit their requirements is such example.

A range of field studies assessing economic performance of Bt cotton in India revealed that farmers have benefited from adopting Bt cotton technology through increased yields and reduced pesticide costs leading to improved quality of life and sustainable environment. From an importer, India has now become a significant exporter of cotton, which, can be partially attributed to the success of Bt cotton. It is important to highlight that agricultural biotechnology is one of the most thorough tested for safety by the regulators of the respective countries before its launch There is an opportunity for Indian farmers to repeat the success of BT cotton in other crops such as rice, maize, pulses, vegetables among many others.

AAI will strive hard to bring farmers close to biotech crops, making them aware of the advances and benefits it can bring, leading to a sustainable ecosystem. At the same we will work to make aware that the next generation of biotech products are beneficial to the general public.We will also ensure that all stakeholders in India are educated about the upcoming plant breeding innovations and the possible accessibility of these technologies to the Indian farmers.We will form alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations to create an enabling environment to encourage protection of IP for the inclusive growth of the country and ensures launch of new technologies in India.

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