Biotech: The future amidst COVID19

For decades now, agriculture has been under pressure to flourish due to climate change, increasing population and reduced natural resources. With global population estimated to touch 9.7 billion by 2050, forcing food production to increase by 59% to 98%, the pressure...

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Know GMO: Busting common myths

Biotechnology, especially genetic modification has been one of the most controversial technologies in agriculture. The controversy stems from a lot of misunderstanding around the technology and a host of common myths. Let’s look at some of these common myths and the...

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Seed innovation for plant health

Plant health is pivotal to the food that we eat and with rising challenges due to climate change, it has become more important to ensure that health of plants are maintained for sustainable crop production. To bring attention to the issue, the Food and Agriculture...

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India needs GM Technology.

According to the latest report by ISAAA, “The State of Commercialization of GM Crops: 2018”, biotechnology was the fastest adopted crop technology in the world, as biotech crops increased almost 113 times since 1996. With an accumulated biotech area of 2.5 billion...

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